Cost Of Painting Apartment In Dubai

Cost Of Painting Apartment In Dubai

Paint of your apartment is chipping off? Or do you want to change the paint of your apartment? Are you worried about the cost of painting an apartment In Dubai? It’s natural; when someone feels the need for a house painting he thinks about the cost or price of the painting. Whether painting price is effective enough or not. We have answers to your all questions related to apartment painting in Dubai.

Types of Apartments in Dubai

In Dubai, there are different types of apartments in every area of Dubai. In Dubai, apartments are categorized as:

Studio Apartment

One bedroom Apartment or One BHK (bedroom, hall, kitchen)

Two-Bedroom Apartment

Three Bedroom apartments and so on.

Some apartments have balconies while others have not. In the short apartment are small living spaces then villas.

Cost of Painting Apartment in Dubai 

Apartment painting is complementary when you are moving in or moving out or you want a change in its interior. Apartment painting always ranks at the top because of its requirement. And then its cost comes into the discussion; Cost of apartment painting can be calculated on the following basis:

  • Area of Apartment
  • Number of painting coats needed
  • Painting material 
  • Labor cost
  • Quality or company of paint
  • Access inside or outside the apartment
  • Removal of old paints or wallpapers

Area of apartment

The area of the apartment mainly decides the cost of painting, the bigger the area higher will have the cost of painting, and a small area will cut down the cost. And then comes how much area of the apartment you want to get painted. Walls, ceilings, windows, and doors are the main areas of the painting. If you want only walls to get painted and refresh the ceiling then the cost will be less. And same as in the case for walls, doors, and cabinets. So painting cost is directly dependent on the perimeter of the apartment.

Number of painting coats needed

     Condition of painted area and age of old paint is also notable when calculating the cost of painting. If more coats are needed then it will increase the cost. But if the old paint is not much damaged then one or two painting coats will be pretty fine. Because more painting coast means more gallons of paint.

Quality of Paints  

 In Dubai, there are numerous varieties of paints available on marketPrices of paints differ according to their quality. If you want high-quality paint then you should increase your budget. A paint gallon price normally varies from 15$ to 100$ according to quality and company. If you have trust in some specified company then you know the cost of paints.

Painting Material

Different materials are needed for apartment painting like; 

  • Primers
  • Different painting brushes
  • Masking tapes

   Cling sheets etc 

Costs and the number of painting materials make a difference in painting costs. Villa painting Dubai offers you reasonable apartment painting costs.

Labor Cost   

   Painting cost includes labor cost; labor demands per square ft painting rate. Rates may differ, starting from 2$ per ft to so on. And it also varies from area to area.

Access inside or outside the apartment 

In apartment painting, easy access is also countable whether it’s inside or outside the apartment. The place for the ladder, approach to high or low places all are counted.

Removal of old paints and wallpapers

Apartment painting includes removal of old paints and wallpapers as its needs extra effort. But if just want to refresh the same color and paint then it will cost less. 

Reasonable Apartment painting cost 

  Villa painting Dubai fully understands all needs of apartment painting and we have the best and most effective painting plans. After the initial visit to your apartment, our team will give you the best-estimated cost according to your requirements.

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