Does a tenant need to pay for repainting before leaving a house in Dubai?

Does a tenant need to pay for repainting before leaving a house in Dubai

Does a tenant need to pay for repainting before leaving a house in Dubai? Dubai is one of the busiest and most exaggerated places on the map of the world. Dubai follows a high living standard for both landlords and tenants. Owning a residence or property is not a calm and facile thing to practice. In Dubai, many people work and live in rented places. Huge cities have huge criteria to reside in them, same in the case of UAE. When you are residing in a global location, you need to be more vigilant in every matter of living standard. House repainting is one of the prominent phenomena which is being decided on the time of rent agreement.

This is under Article 16 of the Dubai Tenancy law which states:

“The landlord is responsible for the maintenance work and repairs of any defects in respect of the leased property.” villa painting Dubai

But there are no hard and fast rules about the repainting of the house will be paid by tenant or landlord. It mainly depends on the rent contract signed between the tenant and landlord.

Common house painting rules for tenants in Dubai    

A tenant is a person, a group, or a company that pays to use another’s property for a specified period. In Dubai, a large number of people are availing the renting services, as it is difficult to own a place. In this context, there are certain rules which need to be followed by the tenant.

  • A tenant needs to follow all decided terms and conditions which are written in the agreement.
  • The tenant will carefully use that place or house.
  • If repainting is decided by the tenant then he will pay for it.
  • If a tenant wants to change any paint, then the tenant will get permission from the landlord and will pay for it.
  • If house painting maintenance is overdue by the tenant then he will manage it.
  • A tenant gets painting services in case the condition of the house is not as good as he expects or A Tenant gets house painting services if it is written in the contract.
  • In case of any damage to property outlook, painting, or masonry work, the tenant will pay for the damage.
  • Everyone wants a lavish place to reside, so any change in painting can successfully be done with the permission of the tenant.

Common house painting rules for the landlord in Dubai

  • In Dubai, house painting cost is commonly paid by the landlord. Landlord avail of painting services and select according to his own choice.

Many people get painting services at the time of moving in or moving out of a place; whether it’s a house, a studio, or any office. House painting usually gives a warm welcome to new residents and a fresh look to the property. It comprises of these two conditions:

House In Dubai

  • A landlord hires a house painting company before renting out his property because repainting positively affects the value of the property. And landlord also gets his property or house painting services when a tenant leaves his place.
  • A landlord is bound to provide a perfect place for living according to the living standard of Dubai. No matter if his house is big or small.
  • A landlord used to strictly follow the property maintenance rules, which include regular painting services as well.
  • In case of wear and tear of house, lines, scratches, or any other harm; repainting will be arranged by the landlord.

“ In some cases, landlord and tenant mutually pay the repainting cost. In short, it’s mainly decided on the terms and conditions of agreement done between them. A written agreement easily tackle all related issues. A rented house is jointly conserved by two parties in accordance with their needs and choices. So for house painting cost, there are no hard rules by the government it is decided by the landlord and tenants.”

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