Does a tenant need to pay for repainting before leaving a house in Dubai?

Does a tenant need to pay for repainting before leaving a house in Dubai

Being a tenant, one needs to follow certain rules and laws set in the agreement before coming or leaving a house. There are a number of property issues that both landlords and tenants happen to come across. So, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you should understand everything about the rules and regulations in Dubai.

Normally, in the contract, a statement is mentioned that is,

“By the end of the Tenancy Contract, the Tenant will be responsible for the reinstatement of any area/parts removed, damaged(other than normal wear and tear), or changed inside of the premises to the landlord’s satisfaction.”

When a landlord allows his house to a tenant, he first approaches a painting company in Dubai and gets this house painted before giving the house to the tenant. With this similar mind, the landlord wants his house as clean or as tidy as it was given to the tenant. Therefore tenant has to see the wear and tear things in the house before leaving it.

Since there is no law by the government about repainting by tenants, any landlord can ask a tenant to approach a villa painting company in Dubai and get the house repainted again so that the upcoming tenant may get the house neat and clean by all means.

Being a tenant, if you don’t want to spend on villa painting dubai and want to leave a house with only some minor wear and tear and without repainting, you should ask the landlord to remove the lines about repainting before you get the house. By getting wear and tear removed from your contract, you can remain tension-free and you won’t be in need to spend a lot on wear and tear and repainting before you leave a house in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the busiest cities and the cost of living in Dubai is quite high. So, being a tenant, you better try to spend maximum time in a house. For this, you should pay extra attention to the contract before coming to a house so that no misunderstanding can occur between you and your landlord.

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